Almanr raises women awareness on the dangers of FGM

Nidal Kafi Tia is a farmer living in Eltokma village in Dilling Locality.  Along with other women from her village, she has attended awareness sessions by Almanar staff about the harms of female genital mutilation (FGM). 


What she learned in the sessions convinced her to reject this practice in her own life; she refused to circumcise her three young daughters and does not plan to do so.  Nidal and the other women who were enlightened about the dangers of FGM now use social gatherings to bring up this topic and discuss what they have been taught by Almanar staff to enlighten other mothers, grandmothers, and midwives in this area.

Nidal says that they have been able to convince many women to abandon this practice.  As a result, women like Nidal now fight FGM by reporting any known incidents of it to local authorities.  Their aim is to have a village free of this harmful practice