Almanar Voluntary Organization addresses the Launch of Sudan HRP, 2015

On May 5th, the humanitarian community in Sudan officially launched the “Humanitarian Response Plan 2015” to provide assistance to 5.4 million people across the country with a total cost of over US$ I billion.

The HRP 2015 will help National Non-Governmental Organizations (NNGOs), the main implementing humanitarian partners, in close collaboration with the humanitarian actors in Sudan, to respond in a timely manner to the most critical and acute needs. 

In her address at the HRP 2015 official launching ceremony, Almanar Voluntary Organization’s Executive Director, Dr. Nadia Ali, representing NNGOs, explained that NNGOs, guided by the principles of humanity, independence, neutrality and impartiality, were fully involved in the whole process to draft the HRP 2015,. “All of the comments and suggestions provided by the NNGOs were incorporated in the HRP 2015. Various Monitoring and Evaluation and Finance Units have provided the data used to compile the document,” said Dr. Ali.

To respond to the humanitarian needs in Sudan, 112 humanitarian partners will work together to implement approved projects in the HRP 2015.  As emphasized by Dr. Ali, “humanitarian needs are growing in Sudan, and donors need to mobilize more funds to ensure timely and effective response to those needs,”