Introducing Nutrition Impact and Positive Practice (NIPP) Circles Concept

A pilot project for introducing the concept of  NIPP in Mayo/Mandella in Khartoum State.



Nutrition activities are conducted through two  Outreach Therapeutic Program centers (OTP) in  South Kordofan  State, one  OTP center in  Mayo South of  Khartoum state, the  OTP mobile clinic for Children under 5 years of age  (U 5 children) at the departure points in Jabarona – Khartoum state  as well as Almanar feeding center in  Omdurman Women Prison  (OWP)  in Khartoum state.

Almanar OTPs received 5,616 children U5 screened with 554 admitted to the program where they received treatment for simple ailments, provided with packages of RUTF and followed up through weekly visits. At the same time the Community health promoters monitor the children the program reporting their conditions and ensuring their attendance for the follow up visits to the OTP. The cure rate of all admitted cases is 92%  while the death rate is less than 2% and the defaulters is 8% of all the admitted cases. Only 4 children were referred for tertiary care.

In Omdurman Women Prison, 260 children who accompanied their inmate mothers received  basic medical care and completed their vaccination dosages. A total of 520 meals were provided per day constituting of two meals per child per day.

The activities included nutrition and health awareness sessions were held to all mother totaling 1602 out of whom 1,456 women and 146 men. Moreover orientation training and refresher courses were provided for a total of 32 staff during the period between 14th to 24th October 2012.