Women Cooperative Associations


There are 7 women cooperatives (co-ops) namely;  Mehara Bint Abood Co-ops – Jabal Awlia/Dar Assalam, Assalam Co-ops – Jabal Awlia/Guraa Assalam, Altayseer Co-ops – Haj Yousif/Dar Assalam,

Algoroub Co-ops – Mayo city, Alandalos Co-ops – Mayo Mandella, Alselat Altayba Co-ops – Omdurman / Jabarona, Almotahedat Co-ops – Mayo city.

The formation of the women cooperatives has markedly affected the  role of women in these, widened their scope of knowledge on the modality of life in their areas, and were able to understand rules and regulations that affect their life. The women became more verbal and they asserted their status within their communities. Although the Co-ops are still in a developmental stage, however, the women groups stood out and soon their activity was acknowledged by the community and local authorities. They quickly leant about value chain and helped their fellow women in the area through creating activities that fed into the cooperative and further empowered women in their areas.