Alshuffa`a AlSoghar Initiative

Almanar Voluntary Organization has entered into a six month contractual agreement with UNICEF Sudan for Alshuffa’a AlSoghar  Initiative for Reducing Under Five Mortality.


 The project goal is to lower child mortality in the program area through mother’s groups, exploring target communities for availability of already existed support/items towards improving awareness on the 4 Essential Family Care Practices (4EFPs) Exclusive breastfeeding up to six month, Putting children to sleep under insecticide-treated net,Hand washing with soap, And Effective home-based use of oral rehydration therapy.

As well as facilitating the inclusion of other care takers such as fathers and community stakeholders. The sensitization and orientation of the community leaders and local authorities were continued, the establishment of the women groups, preparation for the forums, and the starting of the community mapping exercise.

The resource mapping exercise  is done for health facilities. ToT training conducted for 25 peer leaders, as well as 4 forums in the targeted areas for men and community leaders to increase awareness about the importance of the 4EFPs of and discuss the ways of supporting the initiative by linking the mothers with insecticide-treated nets suppliers, ORS  and soap providers.