About Almanar

Almanar Voluntary Organization , the leading women voluntary organization in Sudan , currently works in partnership and is supported by European Commission (EC), ICCO, United Nation International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF),

Finland Embassy, United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)  and Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF). Almanar has long history of an extended collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC) and CRS. Currently, Almanar operates in six IDP sites in Khartoum State, Omdurman Women Prison, as well as South and West Kordofan States. Almanar’s humanitarian activities target armed conflict and natural disasters victims, displaced peoples, refugees and rural women, men, youth and children.

The values and principles which direct and govern the work of Almanar include transparency, accountability, learning, equality and equity, voluntarism, participation and sustainability.

Almanar’s Board of Directors develops strategies and supervises the Executive Committee responsible of implementing projects and managing daily activities. Almanar holds weekly organizational meetings and 3 yearly general assembly meetings.

Almanar has a remarkable experience in project implementation in Khartoum and South and West Kordofan states. The former interventions have covered skills training for groups of women in the IDP sites in Khartoum state, as well as women released from Omdurman Women’s Prison. On completion of the training program, Almanar provides these groups with loans to start their small income generation activities (IGAs).

Almanar has trained women and supported them in forming 7 women’s cooperatives in displaced people’s communities. The IGAs projects vary from grocery shops, sweet & pastry industries, grinders, soap industries, food processing, and chair and tents rental, etc. In addition, Almanar has supported the provision of individual /group small businesses to 300 women X- combatants to help them start productive activities, reintegrating them into civilian life, as well as preventing future outbreaks of violence.


Almanar implements Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) programs through Community Outpatient Therapeutic Centers (OTP) and Nutrition Impact and Positive Practice (NIPP) Circles and Mother Groups Concept in Khartoum state, Mandela and Jabrona camps, and in South Kordofan and West Kordofan States as well as a nutrition center in Omdurman Women Prison including health care awareness, Almanar  focuses more on HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases. Moreover, gender is certainly a theme that Almanar focuses on.

Almanar supports in improving the health status of extremely vulnerable individuals in Khartoum State through the delivery of quality health care services and physical or sensory disability support in coordination with other service providers i.e. hospitals, disable centers and with other Almanar’s sector i.e. health and economic development is a key for provision of quality services.


Almanar protection interventions focus on  supporting IDPs and refugees through trained  community volunteer paralegals and community protection committees presenting protection awareness raising sessions in their communities, conducts forums and networking brought together community members, paralegals , lawyers and community leaders with local authorities as well as National Institutions with the aim of sharing information and adopting solutions and recommendations regarding community issues and problems encountered, provides legal aid and consultations to communities, works with detainees at Omdurman women’s prison, provides legal awareness and legal aid, some of the  prisoners cases adopted by the lawyers and helping them to maintain links with their children outside  the prison by providing school kits and school fee.Almanarworks in partnership with Ministry of Justice, state ministry of social development as well as with the council of Peace co-existence.

Economic Development

Almanar income generation activities for women targeting internally displaced women in Khartoum  and South and WestKordofan states. The programme, aims at poverty alleviation through three main programme components: awareness-raising; vocational skills training and the formation of self- help savings groups; and the establishment of women’s cooperatives and enterprises groups. The programme is recognised for its empowerment approaches in that it tackles the causes, as well as the effects, of women’s disadvantage. It has significantly contributed to poverty alleviation among the displaced women, improved their self-esteem and enhanced the concept of women’s empowerment.

In addition, Almanar to the provision of individual /group small businesses to  women X- combatants to help them start productive activities, reintegrating them into civilian life, as well as preventing future outbreaks of violence.

Our History

Almanar is a women’s non-governmental, non-profit Sudanese organization established in 1991 to reverse the tide of deterioration of the overall socio-economic situation and the basic rights of women in particular. Almanar’s main targets groups were women in the rapidly growing IDPs communities, who were trying to survive in makeshift camps and squatter areas in and around Khartoum state.

Almanar main policy theme is conflict prevention through four interventions: building peace and democracy, saving lives and healthy futures, building skills for self-reliance, and working together for change. Across the four themes, women are the focus of all activities. Almanar collaborates with Civil Society Organizations (CBOs and Women Cooperatives Associations) , as well as creating networks with national institutions and formal bodies, providing forums that work together to influence change, and induce peace and development.

Where are our operations

Almanar operates in six IDP sites of Khartoum State, Omdurman Women Prison, as well as South Kordofan State targeting the poor displaced people and rural women, men, youth and children.

Almanar in Action