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Success story

Nidal Kafi Tia is a farmer living in Eltokma village in Dilling Locality.  Along with other women from her village, she has attended awareness sessions by Almanar staff about the harms of female genital mutilation (FGM).  What she learned in the sessions convinced her to reject this practice in her own life; she refused to circumcise her three young daughters and does not plan to do so.  Nidal and the other women who were enlightened about the dangers of FGM now use social gatherings to bring up this topic and discuss what they have been taught by Almanar staff to enlighten other mothers, grandmothers, and midwives in this area.  Nidal says that they have been able to convince many women to abandon this practice.  As a result, women like Nidal now fight FGM by reporting any known incidents of it to local authorities.  Their aim is to have a village free of this harmful practice.

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Almanar 4th OTP center in Jabarona, Ombada Locality

On June 30th 2013, Almanar Voluntary Organization launched its 4th OTP (Outreach Therapeutic Program) center in Jabarona , Ombada locality to scale up CMAM services in Khartoum state and reduce under-five mortality rates through increased access to quality services for the management of acute malnutrition treatment of malnourished children and promoting their welfare .

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AlShuffa’a Alsoghar Radio Initiative

Almanar adopted Alshuffa’a Alsoghar initiative as one of the projects that furthers the activities of the OTPs in the delivery of health awareness messages to a larger sectors of women in the community. The goal is to lower child mortality through awareness on the 4 Essential Family Care Practices (4EFPs); exclusive breastfeeding up to six months putting children to sleep under insecticide treated nets, hand-washing with soap, and effective home-based use of oral rehydration therapy. To promote the importance of the 4EFPs, Almanar, in partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health, sponsored a series of public service announcements for radio broadcast.

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May 7th OTP Visit of the Director of the Directorate of Voluntary Agencies (DOVA)

On May 7th Dr. Ibrahim Awad El Jack from the Directorate of Volunatary Agencies (DOVA) visited our Outpatient Therapeutic Programme (OTP) in Mayo, Khartoum. He was impressed by what he had seen, and wrote us a thank you letter, which you can see below.

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Almanar Visit to GOAL Kutum NIPP Cycles

Almanar NIPP Cycles Assistant, Ms Tayseer was invited to join GOAL field trip to Kutum NIPP cycles & micro gardens in North Darfur to share the experience in Almanar newly established NIPP cycle. The aim of NIPP Circles is to improve the nutrition security of households either affected by malnutrition or at risk of suffering from malnutrition through participatory nutrition/health Behavior Change Communication (BCC) and diet diversity promotion, as in many contexts food security is a challenge. Hence the main components in NIPP Cycles are based on ; Behavior Change Communication & Counseling, Micro-gardens for Improved Nutrition-Food Security Cooking Demonstrations

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Celebration in Omdurman Women Prison

During the past years, Almanar with intent of entertaining women inmates and creating opportunities for them to meet with their children outside the prison, different women celebrations were held in Omdurman Women Prison. This year, Almanar celebrated  both the “International Women Day” and “Mothers’ Day” with women inmates in Omdurman Women Prison. The Prison Director as well as all Prison Staff and Wardens joined in the festivities.


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Almanar Team visit to Almanar South Kordofan Office

A snapshot of women's projects in Southern Kordofan

A team from Almanar Khartoum head office conducted a visit to Almanar Office in South Kordofan state during the period from 6th to 18th April 2013. The team consisted of members from  the Operations, Programs and  Grants; M&E desks. The team was to provide support and to ensure harmony and smooth implementation of Almanar activities.


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Almanar has been nominated as a partner that will implement the Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers “HACT” and will be using the FACE form (Fund Authorization and Certificate of Expenditures).

The form has been adopted to simplify the cash assistance practices where the United Nations Development Group Executive Committee Agencies (UNDG ExCom) proposes to waive the requirements to submit detailed expenditure reports such as original invoices, receipts, comprehensive participants lists signed and certified.

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b_250_200_16777215_0___images_stories_chf.jpgAfter analysis of the list of National NGOs that have experience with CHF Funding and also have an office in Khartoum with capacity to participate in the CHF Advisory Group,

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Dear Friends and Honorable Guests

On behalf of Almanar I thank you for joining our celebration of 20 years of service.

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Alshuffa`a AlSoghar Initiative

Almanar Voluntary Organization has entered into a six month contractual agreement with UNICEF Sudan for Alshuffa’a AlSoghar  Initiative for Reducing Under Five Mortality.

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Introducing Nutrition Impact and Positive Practice (NIPP) Circles Concept

A pilot project for introducing the concept of  NIPP in Mayo/Mandella in Khartoum State.

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Civic Education & Legal Aid

A total of 495 (359 females and 136 males) community members in all the areas of Almanar activities  received  basic rights, civic education and legal awareness sessions through the sessions held by paralegals in the different communities. Read more

Women Cooperative Associations

There are 7 women cooperatives (co-ops) namely;  Mehara Bint Abood Co-ops – Jabal Awlia/Dar Assalam, Assalam Co-ops – Jabal Awlia/Guraa Assalam, Altayseer Co-ops – Haj Yousif/Dar Assalam, Algoroub Co-ops – Mayo city, Alandalos Co-ops – Mayo Mandella, Alselat Altayba Co-ops – Omdurman / Jabarona, Almotahedat Co-ops – Mayo city.

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Nutrition activities are conducted through two  Outreach Therapeutic Program centers (OTP) in  South Kordofan  State, one  OTP center in  Mayo South of  Khartoum state, the  OTP mobile clinic for Children under 5 years of age  (U 5 children) at the departure points in Jabarona – Khartoum state  as well as Almanar feeding center in  Omdurman Women Prison  (OWP)  in Khartoum state.

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